Name: Cat wall shelves set 7

Product information

- Our shelves are fully rounded, to give the shelves a nice smooth edge and you also have 3 years manufacturer guarantee on them!

- These shelves are 23 cm deep, We tested our shelves with a 20 Kgs weight and we guarantee 10 Kgs, we also make bigger and stronger shelves for big cats, please take a look at our other shelves.

- We may change the way we make these shelves, please be aware of this, but don`t worry, you will always get what`s on the pictures!

Delivery information

- We make our shelves to order, this is why you may have to wait longer than expected. To make sure get in touch first and ask us when can it be dispatched.

- Dispatched by a next day delivery service

We will post the shelves to your PayPal address

Assembly instructions
- First thing first, decide what type of wall would you like to mount the shelves.

-We only supply the screws/bolts, you will need a drill bit, a hammer drill and the right screwdriver to mount the shelves.

Instructions for plasterboard walls
- Please use a 16 mm wood/metal/masonry drill bit for plasterboard walls.

Please note: The 16mm hole in a plasterboard wall is really big, make sure you`re happy to drill those holes in your wall before buying the shelves

Instructions for masonry walls